2015 Annual Meeting

The 2015 meeting of the Sons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar 1565-1861 was held on Friday evening, April 10th, at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC.

  • Bench and Bar was joined by the National Society Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters 1607 – 1861.
  • A Memorial Service was held immediately following the banquet.
  • The program speaker was Kathy Styer, Curator of Adena Mansion at Chillicothe, Ohio. She provided a power point presentation about Adena and its original owner, Thomas Worthington who was a governor, justice, planter, and proponent of Ohio statehood.
  • At the business session the winner of the William and Mary Law School Scholarship expressed his appreciation.
  • A Nominating Committee was elected to present a slate to the 2016 Annual Meeting. Elections will be held for the 2016-1018 administration.

The next Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 15, 2016 at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC.